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e4Score offers a range of logistics solutions that improve efficiency and the bottom line for carriers, private fleets, shippers, and freight brokers. Our flagship product, EZTrack, offers real-time tracking and analytics to increase fleet utilization, right-size trailer pools and reposition assets, resulting in improved ROA and reduced costs. PowerYard module suite offers complete control of yard management, reducing risks and increasing driver productivity. TrackAssured platform provides complete visibility and real-time tracking, improving decision-making and streamlining operations for shippers and brokers. EZCheck-In, our patented app-less driver tool, offers real-time GPS-validated events at every stop of every shipment, improving communication, and reducing the visibility gap. EZDispatch is a cost-effective TMS solution that improves efficiency and cost savings for SMB shippers, carriers, and brokers. ExpressRA automates Return/Refusal authorization, saving time and money.

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Finally! Affordable trailer and asset tracking.

EZTrack combines leading-edge, long-life telematic devices with an intuitive, easy to use web platform used by fleet managers to maximize the utilization and ROI of their mobile assets. Asset-based carriers and private fleets use EZTrack to right-size fleets, optimize trailer pools, and reposition idle assets. Make data-driven decisions proven to quickly impact your profit, cash, productivity and asset utilization, often by over 25%. And, add EZCheck-In and our exclusive, reusable electronic trailer seal and enjoy peace of mind with GPS-confirmed exact arrival times, hourly trailer tracking and proven security (no shortage claims) on every shipment.

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GPS-Confirmed shipment events – gate/dock/yard at every stop.

EZCheck-In’s app-less driver interface enables any driver on any shipment to easily report GPS-confirmed exact gate/dock/yard timestamps and submit en route location updates. This patent-pending solution “is a gamechanger”; it overcomes the driver app-fatigue issue that plagues downloaded app-based solutions. Shippers, Asset-based Carriers, Brokers and 3PL Logistics Providers alike use EZCheck-In to stay safe (keep drivers in their cab), ensure visibility (every shipment, every stop), control costs (indisputable events, rather than GPS pings), enforce compliance (TOS policies) and increase productivity (eliminate check calls). Register today for immediate business impact!

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Complete shipment visibility.

Fed up with visibility solutions that promise what they can’t deliver? Switch to TrackAssured and enjoy visibility to every shipment, even customer pick-up (CPU) and vendor delivered order (VDO) shipments. TrackAssured’s flexible integration engine ingests location and temp data from any carrier TMS system, in any format. Integrations with the most popular app-based driver tracking solutions allow smaller carriers and brokers to be fully compliant. And, best of all, any driver on any shipment can use the app-less EZCheck-In solution to submit GPS-confirmed events, the data shippers and brokers really need, on any shipment, including CPU and VDO. Call today and we’ll meet your needs.

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Return Authorization automation, eliminate the hassle.

ExpressRA automates the creation, submission and processing of refusal and return requests, eliminating a burdensome task and reducing the “time to disposition decision” from hours (or days) to minutes. Returns policy compliance is assured (every OSD is recorded), reducing customer deductions. Driver wait on refusals is eliminated (no detention) and your customer service team (“I love this tool!”) is more productive. One Gartner Master CPG company is savings millions per year. You can save big, today! Call and we’ll show you how.

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