About Us

In 2014, the “Polar Vortex” event left thousands of shipments stranded on rails and roads. Drivers could not deliver shipments on time, and shippers had no idea of the location and condition of their shipments.  This event exposed the need for a shipment visibility tool that automates the task of tracking shipments and performing first-level triage to identify which shipments are at-risk.  Thus, e4score’s TrackAssured was born.

e4score has since become an innovation leader in providing shippers and their business partners, both carriers and customers, with supply chain digitization and visibility solutions. These solutions provide shipment on-time and on-spec assurance as well as on-site operational efficiencies, such as easy warehouse check-in/out and rapid and accurate Return Authorization request processing.  Our solutions focus on eliminating pain points and enabling cross-entity collaboration in complex, high volume supply chains.  e4score clients and their partners enjoy reduced costs, improved performance and reduced risks.

What does e4score stand for?

e4 stands for the 4 e’s of our engagement with customers.
During our project sequence, we will always:

Envision >

Enable >

Empower >


When a solution is up and running, we deliver:

Excellence >

End-to-End >

Effectiveness >

Efficiency >

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