Returns and refusals can be a logistical nightmare. We have established a system to make the process of dealing with returns and refusals a bit easier. The e4score Reverse Logistics system makes it easy for customers to return unwanted products and for carriers to handle the refusal process.

Why ExpressRA?

Unfortunately, a high percentage of products are refused or returned. These requests create approval and logistics challenges for all parties, supplier/shipper, customer/receiver and carrier.  ExpressRA’s fast and easy process make the process more efficient and less painful for all.

The Challenge

The typical process is to call in the refusal or return request to the shipper, then wait for a disposition decision and the Return Authorization.  Wait times of hours, or even days, are not unusual, especially on weekends or holiday periods. Refusals can cause huge delays for the carrier, resulting in a cascade of cancelled shipments with financial impact for both carrier and shipper. Similarly, customer returns are a frustration to manage, often creating friction in the business relationship.  Forward-thinking suppliers are itching for a way to convert this thorn into an opportunity to impress the customer with a fast and easy return request authorization process.

How Does it Work?

Using our web-platform process, users can easily create and submit a request to refuse or return products.  Our rules-based decision process instantly determines the best course of action according to the shipper’s return policy.  For example, if the return of the item would cost more than the item is worth, the system can instruct the users to “dump and destroy” the product.  Requests that do not qualify for dump and destroy can be electronically routed for prompt manual review. ExpressRA can even integrate with the shipper’s ERP system to automatically generate the Return Authorization and associated documents.

Benefits for ExpressRA users

  • World-class return authorization process – easy, secure, complete and fast.
  • Assured compliance to returns policy.
  • Reduced costs, especially detention and claims.
  • Thrill your business partners.
  • Big-data driven continuous improvement.