EZCheck-In provides the GPS-validated event timestamps that shippers, warehouses, carriers and brokers need to prove with certainty that they got the job done right. With EZCheck-In, arrival and departure status updates are reliable, dwell times are verified, and detention invoices are indisputable. Gate attendants initiate the app-less driver process on their tablet at check-in. Or, dispatchers schedule the process for auto-release when they book the load. Either way, drivers can easily report GPS-confirmed exact gate/dock/yard timestamps and submit en route location updates. EZCheck-In event data enables multiple use cases that generate savings and improve your bottom line.



Control Detention Costs

Trustworthy, validated check-in/out timestamps and dwell times benefit all business partners, shippers and carriers alike. EDI 214 status updates are trustworthy. Detention invoices are correct and paid on-time. Dock delay alerts keep drivers on schedule. Detention risk alerts reduce tractor detention. FIFO on trailer pools saves on demurrage. One-truth facilitates data driven discussions that improve operations and reduce costs. And, the list goes on.

How much would you like to save? One Fortune 100 shipper proved that 72% of their detention invoices were invalid. Millions saved. With EZCheck-In, you can mine this gold and grow the bottom line!

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Save Big with Consignee Event Visibility

Finally, a tracking solution that provides GPS-confirmed arrival/departure events and dwell times at the consignee delivery location. Shippers enforce Terms of Sales policies (only pay what the consignee earned) and disprove late delivery deductions (often $500, on every delivery) to ensure payment in full. Carriers invoice detention with confidence and shippers pay systematically (rather than rubber-stamping). Shippers even monitor and track the delivery of CPU shipments, for the first time ever, to determine if CPU really is a good deal.

Leverage this innovative visibility to take your business to the next level. Start today! No integration required.


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Close the Visibility Gap without Check Calls

Other visibility tools struggle to provide visibility to every shipment; 70% is considered acceptable. Really? Think of all the time wasted on check calls with no way to confirm the driver’s report. Until now. EZCheck-in closes the gap. Any driver on any shipment (even CPU) can submit GPS-confirmed events at the gate, dock, and yard. Dispatchers configure their ECheck-In account to auto-call the driver with a reminder to ensure compliance at every stop. And, ship locations use the “text the driver” feature to send dock instructions so that the driver stays in his cab, maximizing safety (zero-contact) and reducing dwell time.

No one likes check calling. Now you have a choice. Why delay? Act now. Make everyone happy today.

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