EZTrack for Trailer and Asset Tracking

EZTrack for Trailer and Asset Tracking

EZTrack helps SMB carriers and private fleets compete and win with powerful and affordable trailer tracking. Leading-edge devices provide frequent pings and long life to ensure no “dark” or “lost and never found” trailers. Innovative analytics enable fleet managers to quickly review asset and fleet utilization and develop plans to reduce costs and improve ROI. Accelerate the ping frequency with our patent-pending technology for real-time shipment tracking. And, add the electronic seal for proven security to reject shortage claims. Patent-pending technology that levels the playing field at breakthrough pricing up to 50% lower than leading services.

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A Better User Interface

The EZTrack user interface was designed by supply chain thought leaders, with decades of experience managing and tracking fleets. Yes, it’s intuitive and easy to use. But, even better, it presents the information you need to be the best. Dwell times at locations, idle time and alerts since last move, and utilization analytics at the asset and fleet level. Fleet managers use EZTrack to make critical decisions about size, type, and location of assets. How many assets do I really need? Which types? Time to return the leased trailers? Where should the assets be domiciled? Which trailer pools need to be right-sized?

This is where the money is. We help you go get it. Give us a call now and we’ll get started.

Tailored Devices for Each Use Case

The EZTrack platform is device agnostic. Any device can be connected, enabling single-platform visibility for mixed fleets, multiple use cases or during transitions to EZTrack. Fleet managers can upgrade devices without training users on a new platform. EZTrack even handles device discover and evaluation. Our experts constantly scour the market to discover proven, leading-edge devices for each use case. We then work with the provider to optimize the device to ensure best-in-class performance at affordable pricing.

So, leverage our expertise! Choose the best device for your use case from our portfolio of leading-edge devices and accelerate your ROI.

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Shipment Tracking and Security

EZTrack can be extended with shipment tracking and trailer seal security. Add EZCheck-In and associate the trailer with a shipment (and all the shipment details) and auto-accelerate the tracking device for every hour tracking from dispatch to delivery. Then, give each driver his own reusable (3-years) e-Seal electronic trailer seal. When latched over the shipper’s seal (snap a pic), the e-Seal reports its “latch code” to EZTrack. When unlatched on delivery, the matching latch code proves that the shipment was never tampered while in the carrier’s possession, nullifying any shortage claims.

All this – continuous trailer tracking, shipment tracking, and seal security – for less than $2 per shipment. Instant ROI! Start winning today!

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