e4score TrackAssured is a leading provider of cloud-based tracking data aggregation and shipment visibility solutions, both on-demand and in real-time. Track Assured offers shippers, carriers, and brokers the tools necessary to improve service and grow sales, boost productivity and reduce costs, all while mitigating risk and ensuring FSMA compliance. The TrackAssured platform is a comprehensive FSMA Sanitary Transportation Compliance solution, offering temperature traceability to all parties (including the consignee) and automatic record retention.

  • Monitor the location and temperature for all shipments, even when brokered to small carriers and owner-operators
  • Focus on exceptions with customized auto-alerts. Load notes allow for preventative problem solving. Easily share the recovery plan with your customers.
  • Receive automatic records retention with instant access.
  • Fully compliant with what Gartner deems are best practices for
    Supply Chain Visibility -Execution.


TrackAssured provides users with visibility to the location and condition of all of their shipments. Not only can users track the location of the shipment, but the condition as well. With TrackAssured, you can have complete confidence that your shipment is on track and in tact. We can provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge to take action before a shipment goes off track.

Why TrackAssured?

We can provide visibility of every shipment. From large-scale delivery fleets to single owner/operators, e4score TrackAssured can monitor the location and condition of shipments on every truck. In compliance with the FSMA, users can view the temperature of every refrigerated carrier. We also include a Vypin seal on every trailer, which monitors each time the trailer has been opened, giving you peace of mind that your shipment is secure. Our Vypin seals not only ensure that the shipment is secure, but also provide electronic recognition at Welcome Centers.

Our technology will provide you with everything you want to know about your shipment. When you use the TrackAssured, it’s easy to monitor the condition, location, temperature, and security of your shipment. We can provide you with the peace of mind that your shipment will reach its destination in tact.

  • Comprehensive: Offers detailed, accurate information about the location, load temperature, shipment status, ETA, and more.
  • Aggregated: All your carriers on one cloud-based Saas platform
  • Real-time: Dispatch thru pick-up and delivery with instant push alerts
  • On-Demand: Track and monitor every shipment, anytime, anywhere.

Control Tower Tracking

Whether it’s a few minutes ahead of schedule or running behind, you can use the tools to follow any load, at any location with the e4Score Control Tower. We make your data easy to find, with an intuitive platform that makes tracking accessible for you and your partner carrier network.

Temperature Visibility

We are proud to provide complete shipment visibility that enables small carriers and owner-operators to be FSMA compliant, just like many large asset-based carriers. Go beyond location data, with on-demand information on the condition of the shipment.

The e4score TrackAssured platform integrates with a temperature tracking device and trailer seals from Vypin that sends trailer temperatures and seal status to the mobile app to monitor alongside location. The integration displays Load Track status updates on the TrackAssured portal alongside data provided directly by large asset-based carriers, eliminating the need for LSPs to go to carrier online portals to track their freight.

FSMA Compliance

  • Comprehensive solution; covers all Sanitary Transportation requirements
  • Complete, secure retention of shipment records fully documents FSMA compliance.
  • Temp tracking during pre-cooling and transport, with push Notification of Temp Alerts.
  • Full traceability on every shipment—shipper spec, history, images, and corrective actions.